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Interview Questions - JETATL

Interview Questions

Here are some potential Basic Interview Questions to study and prepare you for your interview.

never give up

Didn’t Get The Job? Here are 5 Possible Reasons

If you are applying yet no offers are coming in take a look at these 5 tips on possible reasons from MetroAtlantaJobs Resource Section. Qualifications Poor Interview Cultural Fit Etiquette Interest In Job Read all of the tips: HERE

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FILE - In this Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012, file photo, a sign attracts job-seekers during a job fair at the Marriott Hotel in Colonie, N.Y. The Labor Department reports on state unemployment rates for July 2015 on Friday, Aug. 21, 2015. (AP Photo/Mike Groll, File)

10 Job Search Mistakes

Here are 10 Job Search Mistakes from lifehacker that may help you in your “job search”. Showing up to your interview unprepared (#4) is especially important: You’ve got to ace the interview to get the job, but according to hiring managers, too many job applicants aren’t prepared for things like describing situations where they’ve succeeded or […]

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JETATL - Job Scams

Stay Alert For Job Scams!

This article from Forbes is about “millennials” but everyone should stay on high alert for online scams and job scams! Top 4 Scams in this Article: Phone Scams Job Scams Public Wi-fi Charitable Donation Scams Read Entire Article HERE! Stay Safe and Good Luck in Your Job Search!  

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Not hearing back from job interview

Checkout These 4 Tips If You Are Not Hearing Back From a Job Interview

If you are applying for jobs and never hearing back, checkout these 4 tips

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Don't ask

Questions To Ask and Don’t Ask!

“What questions do you have for me?” This very question will be heard at almost every job interview you ever go on. And when you answer, “Nope, I think I’m good!” it’s not really a great indication that you’re thinking about if this company is a good fit for you.

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jetatl - job interview

Job Interview Mistakes To Watch Out For!

These few tips will get you better prepared for your job interview.


Appearance is Everything In A Job Interview!

Appearance is TRUELY Everything! Watch this video to find out more!