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Pay The Bills: Phone Mystery Shopping


Here are 6 companies that will pay you to do Phone Mystery Shopping!

#1 – CallCenterQARead Review – This company pays a flat $5 per call you make, and they are known for paying very quickly via Paypal after you complete calls.

#2 – Yardi-Matrix – Read Review – This company used to be known as Pierce-Eislen. They hire about three times per year. You call apartment complexes and pose as a renter in order to collect data. They call these “rent surveys” and the work is temporary/seasonal.

#3 – Perception StrategiesRead Review – You can work for this company calling doctor’s office to gather information. The pay is $12 to $17 per call, and they also have in-person shops.

#4 – TelexpertiseRead Review – Pay is $3 and $10 per completed phone shop. The places you call will vary, and the work flow might be slim to start with but can build up over time as you continue to work for them.

#5 – InteliChekRead Review – Intelichek is another popular phone mystery shopping company. For the most part they have good reviews although there are some who don’t enjoy the work.

#6 – ARC ConsultingRead Review – ARC is sometimes open to phone mystery shoppers. This company has good feedback although the work is generally not enough to depend on for your full time income.

Thanks Real Ways to Earn Money Online! (entire article on this link)

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