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JETATL In The News

JETATL is the place to apply for Concessions Jobs at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport!

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Job Fairs

Featuring Job Fairs in and around the Atlanta Area!

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Employers! Post your jobs or become a “Featured Employer” Today!

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6 Tips for A Good Resume

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to start preparing your resume to apply for job opportunities. While many careers may call for specific resume formatting (teachers, engineers, etc.), there are general aspects of resume building that can be applied to every resume. Organization, keywords that describe your skills related to the position, […]

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Maybe You Should Keep It On The Down Low?

Typically, as a job seeker, you want to tell everyone who may offer some assistance about your job search. That is everyone except your current employer (and perhaps certain co-workers). If word gets out about your new job search, you may end up looking for employment out of need instead of want. Here are some […]

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Are They Going To FAR?

How far is too far?  Should a company be able to dictate smoking on off hours?  How about how much you weigh.  Read the article below and comment below.  We would love to know what you think! Employers are heading down a slippery slope by banning employees from smoking not just on the job but at any time.  […]

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